Why Girls Are So Dangerous ??

1. The make you mesmerized and hypnotized without you even knowing this sometime. Don’t you think this is something like drinking and driving, i mean you kinda know ur aware but at the same time you are unaware. They can really get you ! , they can get you to fall in love or just maybe a simple crush , but the way they hit you is just dangerous.

2. They can make you walk all day in the shopping centre and they dont care that you are bored . They also make you do things that you don’t want too . Like eating at that place that you utterly despise. Gorsh, sometime i think they cast a spell on us , with their sweet voices and cute faces 

3. They can just make you spend your money more than you could ever for yourself and yet you dont realize this and they don’t really intend to spend your money. Its complicated i know. Its just like poison , you never understand it until you do an experiment on it, example smelling it , But by the time you know it its too late , ur dead ! 

4. They are so HARD TO SAY NO TO .. GAWD! 

5. They get Jealous so fast , and envy is their major sin ! , bitching is another ..


Breaking-Fast Idea”s

I know it is a hassle to figure out what to eat every time its fasting month. Fair enough that its not taint to figure out what is to eat or cook during the first 2 weeks of fasting month. But after the second week it gets more difficult and you just seem to run out of ideas. Well i do hope i could assist some of you out there with these healthy and easy meals. These meals are lower in fat , low sodium and high in nutritious value’s . I do hope you enjoy them. Most of the recipes could be looked online but the main thing here is to give you an idea on what to eat and serve. Most people just love to splurge when it comes to breaking fast . However this is not the case if you want to be a GOOD muslim. Since islam teaches its followers to be humble and mediocracy . Thus we should not be greedy and eat like there is no tomorrow . I often observe going to buffets that many people rush and push around to get their food . This should not be the case , cause you should be patient and quaint . So anyways without further chatter here are 10 ideas on what to prepare for your family . As i said before, the recipes could be looked online . 

1. Kampung Fried Rice : Lovely to have and a original favorite . Make it healthy by putting long beans(kacang panjag) , spinach and winged bean(kacang botol) . Use very little salt and preferably use Brown rice to lower the starch content. 

2. Tabouleh Cous-cous with goats meat : Goat is more lean and tastier and tabouleh is a good way to eat healthy with great taste ! 

3. Panini or Ciabatta Sandwich : Great breaking fast selection with lots of vegetable and grilled chicken . NOT TIME CONSUMING 

4. Salad – With grilled chicken or prawns , with fruits and vegetable mixing together ! 

5. Vegetable Broth Japanese Style : Just Delicious and has a great way to eat vegetable again ! and its tasty with ramen(japanese noodles) 

6. Nasi Ulam : Great way to eat all the malay raw ulam with rice , eat it with hot thai chilie sos and grilled chicken marinated with tumeric 

7. Lamb or beef Potato Pie : great for kids and its so tasty with sald on side 

8. Pesto pasta : great easy and healthy . It has basil which is so good for your skin , add some tomatoes to add good vitamins for your skin 

9. Brown rice with grilled chicken and brocolli stir fry with garlic sauce : steam the brocolli and cook the sauce by sauteing garlic with oyster sauce diluted in water. and grill the chicken with salt and pepper . Again Brown rice is excellent ! 

10. Guacmole with citrus prawns and pita bread or tortillas : just great way to eat prawns and its just makes you full and feel light after eating 

NOTE : Remember to drink 2 glasses of warm water after breaking fast to avoid gobbling ur food , since your body should tell you to eat less . 

Meeting Nadiah

About a month ago , my dear good online friend Nadiah , came down from London for her summer holidays . It was so much fun to get to meet her the first time , and I remember getting a first text message saying she was here . It was rather exciting and intriguing to get to know here for the very first time in KL , since i have never really met her personally. We have been good friends from myspace and facebook for quite some time . 

The first time i actually met her was at my cousins house , iman and shreen’s house , since they were there to meet iman and shreen. Apparently they knew each other already , since my auntie and nadiah’s father knew each other from work, such a small world . Meeting her for the first time was fun , she was rather what i imagine and she was really nice . It was easy to talk and be interactive with nadiah and her 2 darling sisters. Nadirah and Nazurah. It was Rather Pleasant and they were very eloquent since they were british taught. I also had the opportunity to meet her lovely parents for the first time too. It was retaher comforting and her parents i must say was swell . So we did plan to meet again on a future date , and we did , it was like one week later or two after their phuket trip. 

So after long , we planned on a six-io outing . Was me , Nadiah and her two sisters and iman and shreen . Went to pick them up early that day at their home in Klang. It was a lovely huge home with rather nice gardens . After meeting them that morning , their mom insist that we had breakfast before we leave. So we did , we wnet to a breakfast join in Klang , which was rether indian looking . Lovely breakfast of roti canai  and mineral water for me. And the rest had a healthy helping of varieties or roti’s and sugared drinks. The breakfast broke the ice between me and her family . It was a lovely chatter we had and i was glad we had breakfast . Her mom was just simply a sweet lady with good sense of dressing . She was kind and very open with issues . In short she was a perfect mother who produce perfectly lovely kids . We than headed to Mutiara where we picked up iman and shreen, We later than ventured to IKEA to have a lunch . After lunch , we had a lovely stroll down to the open air mall THE CURVE , it was just good to walk after a heavy meal . We then headed to One utama , which was just 5 minutes away . At one utama we caught a good movie . It was “mummy the tomb of the emperor” , it was a splendid movie to catch . We than headed back to home at SURIAN . The girls had their dinner and i went home for a short while to rest and change . Later that evening their mom picked them up . Me iman and shreen than headed to tok mummy’s house for a sleepover . End of the day . 

On a separate day , i went to sunway piramid for the first time to meet nadiah her sisters and her mom. It was a short outing to go to the theme park and ice skating which never happened. But we instead had a nice lunch together and caught the movie , ” journey to the middle of the earth” . It was a lovely movie and a well day spent ! .

On our last time meeting i manage to have a lot of fun when Nadiah wanted to have fun at Sunway Lagoon , which was a lovely day of high speed roller coasters and lovely water rides . It was a good time to spend time together at the surf beach. Was really fun and was looking forward to more . Unfortunately it was our last time meeting before she went back , we had our goodbyes and hope to meet her again 

Overall the time she was here in Kl was just splendid and fun , she was a really sweet girl who is a best friend material . She had lovely sisters and her mom was just the coolest . I truly enjoyed spending my time with Nadiah . Well it will be in my memories for time to come . Hope that they will be here again , or i will see them in London later this year . END

Number One 

During the fasting month , take the opputunity to burn fat off since its like what your body burn the most anyways ! , to do this spend at  least 1/2 hour to 1 hour at the gym or take a brisk walk in the park before breaking fast . If you are planning to do weight lifting to tone up , its a great time , but beware to do it right before breaking fast , since your muscles and body need energy to recover , OR it will start to turn your existing muscles to fat or just burn it off . So you will be just burning muscles not fat here . More flabby you will be . So exercise by having a quick intreval jog or cycling .. Its always good .Dont overtrain ! , you will faint if you do . If you feel dizzy just stop and continue when u feel much better . 

Number Two 

Drink 2-3 glasses of warm water before breaking fast , this would make sure your body is not confused between dehidration and hunger , So you would eat less , and not gobble everything up . 

Number Three 

Eat Lots of fruits , its healthy and keeps you energetic , Eat healthy fruits such as apples , oranges ,papaya ,watermelon , kiwi , plum , and grapes . and etc . 

Number Four 

keep of the oily food , and start to options which are less oily and more healthy and low in salt , food like pasta , or japense vegetable soup , or even salad is a good option for breaking fast . 

Number FIVE 

Do not rest all day , take by THE MOST a 2 hour nap . Do your normal chores and wok as usual to keep your body active and healthy ! . do not slump and watch tv all day either , Do gardening , cooking or any house work or hobby to kill time . Also do light stretches and execise like situps or crunches , and pushups to gain strength and feel stronger and energetic . REMEmber not to over DO IT ! 


Note : people often confuse that they are loosing weight when the fast and they eat everything in their way since they believe that fasting helps them loose weight . Your body does not loose its fat during fasting period , it usually looses ur water weight which tricks you . so remember exercise eat right and drink plenty of water to keep fir and healthy during this fasting month !

Picnic @ KLCCity

Now its seems just like yesterday that i had a picnic with Atikah , Azlynn and  Lina , It was just the best picnic i had in years , and not to be missed the best location yet in Kuala Lumpur where else but the KLCC park and garden . Its just so lush , so beautiful and just so Overseas looking, Something that is always wanted to be seen by locals here in malaysia . The picnic started at like 7.30, or atleast it was suppose to be , It came to be that we started it at 8 since i went to pick the girl to head to KLCC . Azlynn and lina joined me first with their delights , lina brought such a lovely brownie made by herself and azlynn brought the drinks , Ribenna … dont think she made that .. hehheheheh.. Atikah Joined us later with her lovely “mak cik curtain” dress , well atleast i called her that through out the day . But it was however a lovely dress . So we headed to KLCC with light chatter along the way . upon arriving at KLCC which was a painstaking 20 minutes drive from TTDI , which i consider far , but not that far … we parked the car and went to our picnic location , which took quite a while since i was with girls , stay in mind .. ahahhaha , girls CAN NEVER MAKE THEIR MIND UP .. so had this lovely view , which i can only expalin in pictures , it was just gorgeous , Overlooking the pool and the twin towers . How lucky , and no one was having picnic exceppt for us .. We laid our picnic cloth and settled the food down and ate . I brough sandwhiches made from scrath btw ! ahahhahahah 

Later on me azlyn and lina were venturing to Pavillion for the first ever time in our life and than atikah went to some hotel for a 2 hour convention .. well we had fun without her at the pavillion , It was lovely and now i think its gonna be my regular hang out place . We settled at a place called coffe bean , I know it seems normal , but it was not self served like other places , it was Serviced ! , how lovely , and i learned that day that my debit card was stil up and working ! . ahahhahah MOre shopping this means ! , atikah joined us later when we were done with our tea and theraphy in the center court of pavillion ! 

After atikah rejoined us , we went to starhill gallery which was and is a RICH EXPERIENCE 

had our camwhoring moment and we than went back to KLCC for lunch , and then we went to orchid

park , my signature destination before ending the lovely day ! … 

It was just splendid ! 

I have to do this again soon ! 

Bye .. love umar

Have u ever been To Orchid Park KL ?

well if u have not , come and see some of the pictures from there , which i took ! 

enjoy  nature , do less shopping ! 


Well if you were wondering where it is , its opposite the bird park and its at lake garden KL , so enjoy 

enterance fee is free during weekdays and weekends RM1 

So go out enjoy nature and have a great Time 

Malaysia Truly Asia

so yesterday yesterday or 6/8/08 wednesday , i had a great fattening lunch with all of them at Mont Kiara , its a pizza place called sarapino’s . lovely pizza , but being what pizza are , its just bloody fattening , but had it anyways ! 

Was just so lovely to catch up with all , and gorshh ! gona miss u guys , but for education , we shall live through this ! . Alia so sorry that u were the only girl after a while .. ahahahha 

Cant wait to c u again !